Taking Care Of Your Loved Ones

The "Zodiac" foundation is opening a new daycare center in Gorna Banya.

About Us

Zodiac Foundation opens a new daycare center where we will take care of your loved ones with various diseases, and will help provide a peaceful retirement to your parents, providing them with specialized medical care, delicious food and creative entertainments in a cozy family like environment. 

Why Choose Us?

We strongly support the individual approach and believe that patience and respect are a virtue, so they are the foundations of the care we take.
We strive to alleviate and improve the quality of life of our guests as much as possible, so that they can smile and feel complete.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create not only a daycare, but an opportunity for new friendships and positive experiences, providing security and peace of mind, both for your loved ones and for yourself.            

Medical Center

Health is the number one priority. Our team consists of medical specialists, a rehabilitator, a social worker and a psychologist all of which take constant care of our guests in the residence.


"Gorna Banya" residence has a beautiful yard, and a gazebo, for afternoon walks and sweet talk in the fresh air.


"Gorna Banya" residence provides nutritious food, fully compliant with the health regime of our residents, prepared with care by a qualified catering company. according to a special pre-prepared menu.

Accessible Environment

We also keep in mind people with impaired mobility - we have an elevator and easy access for wheelchairs.

Video Surveillance

It is important that we take care of the security of our residents and your peace of mind. The building has video surveillance in the common areas, and each room is equipped with an emergency call system.


Diversity is important, which is why we offer an exciting program consisting of adult aerobics, thought exercises, literary club, music classes, gardening, needlework club, board games and much more.



The residence is located in a friendly location in Gorna Banya, where we open not only our doors but also our hearts for our guests. The place with the cleanest air in Sofia, also known for its mineral springs and giving you the opportunity to break away from the gloomy urban environment.
Удобна локация,  в близост до метрото и градски транспорт.


The residence has single and double rooms, each room is equipped with private bathroom and emergency call system (Emergency help), as well as air conditioning, refrigerator, telephone and TV. Each room has a private balcony.

Groups By Volume Of Care

Group One

Mobile, healthy, self-sufficient people.

Group Two

People with impaired mobility requiring assistance with physiological needs and walking.

Group Three

Immobile with a risk of lying down and developing decobital wounds (but are conscious and contact).

Group Four

Patients who are completely dependent on the care of staff for their nutrition and all physiological needs.


The daycare is in Gorna Banya neighborhood, very close to the ring road. It is easily accessible by public transportation - there is a metro station and stop of the 102, 73, 11, 260 and 111 busses in walking distance.

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