Residence Gorna Banya - Price Plan

Pricing is a responsible process that we approach with due care. Therefore, in our home for the elderly, all prices are calculated after careful and thorough consideration of the case of anyone wishing to be accommodated in our home, according to the accommodation group and the amount of care required.
In Residence Gorna Banya we rely on flexible prices so that they meet your price needs and financial comfort, taking into account the individual needs and requirements of our guests.

Prices in the home start from BGN 900. per month and include:


• sanitary care

• sanitary materials

• medical care

• food

• consumables

• individual and group activities

Personal care

• well-maintained living environment

• assistance in maintaining personal hygiene 

• accompaniment to the toilet

• monitoring fluid intake

• assistance whit wheelchair if needed

• personal toilet

The cost of medicines is not included in the price and is paid separately.

Necessary documents:

  • Copy of ID card or passport - 2 pcs.
  • Copy of epicrisis / if there are such /
  • Copy of TEMC decision / if any /
  • Outpatient sheets and tests.
  • Negative PCR test for COVID 19 performed up to 48 hours before administration.
  • The patient is accepted and accommodated after signing a contract for social services.
  • The contract also regulates the manner of leaving the home (eg - by submitting a written request by the person / with 30 days notice /; in case of violation of the Rules of Internal Order; in case of non-compliance with the contractual relations, etc.).
  • If necessary, other medical documents may be required to meet the health needs of consumers.
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